Frequently Asked Questions

Last Updated: 2024-05-05

Thank you for using OrcasHub! I hope this page can help answer some questions you may have about the service. If you have any questions that are not answered here, please feel free to send me an email:

Why does OrcasHub not use passwords?

When you enter your email address on OrcasHub we generate a special link that works the same as a password and we email it to you. By putting the password link in your email, it is just as secure as your email is. Clicking on the link will log you in and bring you right back to the page you were viewing.

It's a little bit annoying to have to access your email to log in, but this method helps ensure that your account stays secure. OrcasHub never receives your actual passwords. This means we can never lose or leak it like so many companies you hear about in the news.

OrcasHub uses a cookie in your web browser to remember you, so you should only need to log in once on each device.

Why do I need to keep signing in?

If you are finding that you have to sign in to OrcasHub more than once a month, please check to make sure nothing is clearing the cookies in your web browser. Clearing the cookies will remove the cookie used by OrcasHub to remember who you are.

You will need to sign in again if you switch devices or use a different web browser.

Why do I need to sign in to see contact information or event details?

We want people to feel comfortable posting on OrcasHub, and part of that means hiding some information from the broader internet. By requiring a login, we can help keep people's phone numbers and email addresses from being viewed by bots and other internet visitors who don't need to see this information.

How do I add or edit images?

When you are creating your post, on the first page you can add all the details such as the title and description. When you're done entering the details, click "Next" to go to the next page where you can add photos. On this page, you can upload up to 10 photos one and a time before clicking "Publish".

If you have already published your post you can add or remove photos by clicking "Edit Photos" in the blue toolbar at the top of your post. Make sure you are logged into your account if you don't see the button.

An item I was interested is no longer listed.

When the owner of a post removes it, we also disable the unique email address for that post. The owner probably removed the post because the item is no longer available. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide more information beyond that.

What kind of events are allowed?

The events section is intended for non-profits organizations, sole proprietorships, and businesses small enough to not need employees.

My question wasn't answered.

Please send me an email: